Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a tuesday


-i drew a "tattoo" on my daughter's arm; she thinks i'm cool. (it's haven in chinese characters.)

-i took a walk with a friend and loved every second of the cool morning air. fall is coming.

-i did puzzles with my son and sang him "spider song" the crazy way, just the way he likes it.

-i was grumpy to by husband and he responded with grace.

-i put dinner in the crock-pot and walked away.

-i read this post about adoption and it makes me want to adopt again. (read this blog, daily. you won't regret it.)

-i thought about our crazy fall schedule and decided to be excited about all that's going on rather then stressing about the details. it always works out.

-i crossed items off my to-do list with satisfaction.

-i listened to worship music while going about my work. i need to do this more often.

-i sat on the couch and let the cool breezes blow through the house and thanked God for pleasure in simple things.

-i got to go on an unexpected date with my man. he's good to me.

-i tried to be more aware, more present, more thankful. (key word- tried...)

it was a good day.

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jenny said...

Sounds like a nice list of simple blessings. And love that blog you linked too....what a great post!