Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Favorites

This was supposed to be my week to catch up. An ear infection and yet another cold derailed my plans, so here we are on Friday wondering what happened to the week. But despite the sickness, we've had a good week. Here are a few of my favorites...

-Lent began on Wednesday and to guide my heart and mind during this time I bought Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross by Nancy Guthrie. I've only read a few of the entries thus far, but it is thick spiritual truth that is exactly what I need to be thinking about right now. I highly recommend it!

- I tried a new recipe this week and it was a hit all around. Tilapia with Roasted Corn was a winner- cheap, healthy and SO easy. Dinner was done in less then 20 minutes. Cale is still talking about how good it was!

-Remember my lament about winter's never-ending-ness the other day? Well, my purse from Tippy Thai finally arrived in the mail this week and just begs to be used under sunny spring skies. I love it and can't wait to use it!

-And a favorite picture from this past week to finish things off.

Me and my favorite new guy!

That's all I've got for now. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter fades to spring

I love winter. I truly relish the snow and cold and bundling up in scarves and hats and mittens. But for some reason this winter has seemed especially cold and long. Perhaps it's the 50 degree temps outside today playing with my heart, but it is official: I am over winter. I'm done.

I'm ready for warmer breezes reviving our winter-logged house and blue skies that beckon us outside. I am craving long walks on the bike trail and conversations that get picked up right where we left them while we walk. I am ready to get my hands dirty and my feet muddy as we labor to revive our yard and coax plants to grow. I can already hear Haven's squeals of delight as she terrorizes the neighborhood on her trike.

The weather today is a tease; after all, it is still February. But it reminds me of what's to come and that's always a good thing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a boy...and a car picnic

I'm an aunt for the sixth time over today! And aunt-to-a-sweet-baby-boy for the fourth. He arrived safely this morning and he's now about 5 hours old and yet to be named. We are heading his way later this afternoon and I can't wait to get my hands on that sweet bundle of newborness.

In efforts to eat healthier and save some cash we've taken to packing our meals when we hit the road. Tonight's dinner will be consumed while we speed towards Cleveland. I decided to keep it simple and make turkey wraps. Why am I telling you this? Because I have a secret weapon on my turkey wraps; roasted red pepper mayo. And it could not be simpler! I have a mini food processor that I make mine in, but you can use any food processor or even blender to make it. I usually do 2-3 Tbs mayo and half a pepper with a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper and that is enough for 2 sandwiches and leaves us with enough leftovers for another one. It's great on wraps and paninis and just dresses up a plain old turkey sandwich in a delightful way. It's a great fake-out and will impress anyone you serve it to. (I promise! This has happened to me on several occasions!)

Today, I had a plethora of red peppers so I roasted my own following this easy method. And let me just mention that I am loving this new-to-me site. I must also mention that I have a small problem with peppers, hence the plethora of them in my fridge. I did a breakdown of my grocery spending for January last week and would you believe me if I told you I bought 27 peppers last month? Does that seem excessive to anyone besides me?!! In my defense, I took veggie trays to 2 different parties in January, but that only accounts for about 6. That means Cale and I consumed more then 20 peppers last month. Whoa. At least they are good for you!

I've got to go finish packing that car picnic and get the car loaded so we can hit the road as soon as Cale gets home. I've got someone very important to meet tonight!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ski bunny

One of the reasons we visited my mom last week was for Cale and Haven to go skiing. Cale learned how to ski when he was Haven's age and his family went skiing every winter while he was growing up. But once he was paying his own way, he realized how expensive a hobby skiing is so he hasn't gone since the winter before we were married in 2001. And every winter he's been sad about it.

It's certainly not the Colorado mountains, but there is a small ski resort in western New York not far from where I grew up. Cale was given a gift certificate for Christmas so he could go skiing. We managed to beat the system though and through a Sports Day at my mom's school he managed to get 2 days of skiing in with minimal out of pocket expense. And because we were being so thrifty with Cale's skiing we decided to spend the extra money so Haven could go, too. She was free to ski, but we had to pay to rent her teeny tiny skis (which I think are SO adorable!).

Getting suited up to hit the slopes

Haven loved it! With a little help from a ski instructor, Cale and Haven were able to get the hang of skiing together pretty quickly. The skied next to each other with Cale holding the poles horizontally in front of him with Haven holding on. She would have gone all day if we'd let her, but it was very cold and wet and Cale's back could only hunch over for so long.

Taking a hot chocolate break with Nana

Seriously- are these tiny skis not the cutest?!

My favorite little ski bunny and her cute Papa!

We celebrated Valentine's Day together back up at the ski resort. Cale skied for several hours and I spent 4 hours near the fireplace reading uninterrupted. It was a great set up! We stopped on our way up there at a grocery store to get some salads, bread and cheese for dinner. Everything about the night was great even though we weren't technically together. Not your typical Valentine's celebration but we didn't care!

So now I have a budding new skier on my hands and her father who is already plotting how we can get ourselves to Colorado for some more skiing! (And lodge sitting for me!)

Monday, February 16, 2009


I've been missing it action the last few weeks around here, and the reasons why aren't all that exciting! We've spent the last week visiting my mom and unfortunately came home to a cold house. Apparently we ran out of oil while we were gone so our house has been sitting cold and empty for who knows how long. The oil company won't be here til tomorrow til fill up our tank but my ever resourceful husband is working diligently to make sure we don't freeze tonight.

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow when I don't have to wear gloves to type!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The three year old's birthday recap

Haven's birthday was a success all around. There was a cake, presents and pizza which I'm pretty sure is some sort of preschooler trifecta. We're thankful she was able to celebrate with all of her bestest buds and to be surrounded by people who really love her. A few picture highlights for your viewing pleasure:

Chocolate chip pancakes to start the day per the birthday girl's request

One of her many gifts- a Princess game for her new LeapPad

Me and my girl

Hugging the life out of her new "Carey-Barey" as she likes to call it

The strawberry cake with a big "H" on top and Strawberry Shortcake accessories

Gibson and Haven patiently waiting for some food (and looking cute!)

Savoring every minute of having all the attention

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three years later

Three years ago this afternoon I was in labor. Six short hours later (well, they weren't short in the midst of them!) a love affair began when I first laid eyes on my daughter. Three years later, it's a story that continues to be written. And gets better by the day!

I'm not sure where the last three years have gone. Days filled with changing diapers, endless feedings and sleeplessness have given way to dress-up, art projects and reading books. And we've been everywhere in between. The first smile and laugh. (Now she's a comedian and lives to make others smile and laugh.) The joy of learning to walk. (Now she runs everywhere and is always being told to slow down!) The first real foods. (She's a born carnivore and will take meat anything over whatever else you're offering!) The magical first and second and thirtieth words. (Now it's paragraphs with barely a breath in between telling me what we should do, when we should do and how it can get done.)

One thing hasn't changed though; I'm still in awe of my daughter. Three years of watching this amazing little girl grow and develop. She is total joy. Today, I'm especially thankful that she's mine.

Happy Birthday, Haven!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The soundtrack of my day

Go here and buy this album, people! We've been listening to it all day and it is wonderful. We are loving it!

Go buy one (or two or ten!) and help Phil and Amber bring their baby home!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We did it!

Our Steelers did it again and we're Super Bowl champs! Here is one little part of the Steeler Nation celebrating the big win! What a game!