Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Road Trip

We crossed state lines last weekend and headed to Indianapolis for a little family getaway.  We spent Friday at the Indy Zoo and fun was had by all.  It's not a huge zoo, but had plenty of animals to see including some special features that we loved.
For the low, low price of $1, Haven was given the chance to feed a giraffe.  Guess what they fed them?  Sweet potatoes!  A mammal after my own heart!  She loved it!
We spent lots of time watching the giraffes.  There was a baby who was only a few months old.  Right across from the giraffes was a huge area that held zebra and kudu.  We also enjoyed watching them.  Mati was very into the zebras.  He was also into carrying the map around.  And then he dropped the map into the zebra enclosure.  Whoops!  He was so upset and started crying.  The next day at the museum he was holding the map and he said, "Mama, I not feed the zebras again."  So funny!
They also loved the shark petting exhibit. We spent so much time there as they patiently waited again and again to try to touch one.  Haven was successful several times.  Mati's just a bit too short!  Since we planned to stay the night it was so nice to take our time through everything and not feel rushed because we had to be somewhere.  Another highlight of the zoo was the dolphin show.  It was a little low-key because they had a 2 week old dolphin, but the kids still loved it. We also liked the train and roller coaster.  A great zoo all around!

After a fun night of swimming and a wonderful dinner here, we were exhausted!  We found a great deal on a hotel via Hotwire and even had a free breakfast.  Saturday morning we headed to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  We got a membership for it this year and have absolutely loved it!  (Thanks, Groupon or some other deal site like it that hooked us up!)  We spent 6.5 hours at the museum and we were dragging by the time we left!  All that time and we still didn't see everything!  We did check out the new National Geographic Exhibit and the kids had lots of fun "deep sea exploring".
A fun trip from start to finish with so much packed in to two days, but it was perfect for our family.  Five and three are such fun ages and I loved just being able to be on the go with them.  It was great time together as a family and we're already thinking of where we can go on another little weekend getaway.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three looks good on you

Well, people...she's done it again.  Amber took breathtakingly beautiful shots of my boy.  She posted some here already and here are a few of my favorites.  She always makes it so hard to choose!

This is is just so Mati.  It's my favorite.  Well, at least for tonight!

Here's what  he looked like last year!  Can you believe how much my guy has grown up?! Thanks, Amber for capturing our sweet, sweet boy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a summer day

We squeezed a lot of summer fun out of today...who knows when these perfect temps will return to us?  We didn't want to waste them. So we went to the playground with friends.  We bought strawberries at our favorite farm stand and made strawberry pie.  We sat on the deck and read books.  We chased bunnies and cut hydrangeas to bring in the house.
We played basketball and taught Haven to play H-o-r-s-e.  We chased and caught some fireflies.  We went for a walk/scooter/bike ride.  We played bocce ball.
We built a fire and made mountain pies for dinner.  We (well, Cale) did yard work and some of us played with the neighbors.  We toasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  We are going to bed tired, but very happy.
Thank you, Lord, for the abundance of this summer day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Deeper Still

I went to Deeper Still this weekend, literally and figuratively.  The girls and I hit the road to Louisville and had the pleasure and honor to sit under the teaching of Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore.  It wasn't what I was was better.  It was rhema.... and I pray that it is taken root deep in my heart. I still have much to process and apply, but here's a few highlights.

Kay Arthur- Seriously- she brought us the Gospel straight up.  At first I didn't think this session was as "good" or had as much for me as the other two.  But as I've thought about it I was wrong.  Kay told us that our society is full of silly women who are too consumed with the things of this world to be focused on what really matters.  I don't want to be a silly woman!  And I'm committed to not being one.  Every point she made kept coming back to the Gospel and the power of it and challenging us to really live in that power.  I think the greatest gift she gave me was reminding me of the power of The Word.  I need to be drowning myself in the Truth and soaking in the Word so that whatever comes my way, the Word will pour back out.  It doesn't matter what people say or do to me, I'm so full of the Word and His love, that His love comes back out.  It was so good and rich and deep.

Priscilla Shirer- This was my first time to have the pleasure of hearing Priscilla teach and I can honestly say my life is better for it.  There is no way to sum up this session because I'm still knee deep in processing through my five pages of notes.  One of her key points was that anything that we are enjoying outside the boundaries it's intended for goes haywire and we become enslaved.  She also talked about the need for Sabbath in our lives- not necessarily a whole day of no work, but creating some breathing room, a margin, so that He has room to come in to be with us.  She reminded us that it is in our nature to hold on too tight, to over-do and that's why God gives us boundaries.  When we hold on too tight, what we're left with becomes foul.  There was so much practical application in her message.  I'm so excited to start her Jonah study with my girls and to dig into "One in a Million" on my own.

Beth Moore- I adore Beth and her session was not only the final one of the conference, but of Deeper Still as this was the last event.  The Lord gave her such a perfect word to end on about generations.  She taught out of 2 Timothy and used Lois, Eunice and Timothy as examples of the faithfulness and purpose of each generation.  Her session for me can be wrapped up in something she said to us as she ended.  We were speaking a blessing/challenge over each generation and to our group she asked the Lord that we would "pay the price of self-discipline." That phrase hit me hard and is something I will not soon forget.  I want things to come easy to me, to not be too hard (hello, silly woman), but I'm promised nothing of the sort.  I have prayed in the past that the Lord would make it easy for me to get our of bed early to have a quiet time.  And while I have no doubt He could do that, He hasn't chosen to at this point to make me hop right out of bed at dark thirty. It is going to cost me something to deepen my relationship with Him and I need to be ready and willing to pay that price.  This is a game changing point for me and is challenging the way I think about everything.

And of course there was much laughter and sharing and encouraging one another, but that's what I always get with these three.  Who knew what we were getting into with each other when we simply started a Bible study together more then three years ago?  The Lord has grown us together and connected our hearts in a way that doesn't come along too often.  I am so thankful for these women and the gift they are in my life.  And I'm so thankful that they share with me a desire to be growing and going deeper.  Love you, girls!

A great weekend, in every way imaginable.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First week of summer

We didn't have an official last day of school at our house, but we did have a first week of summer fun!  I am definitely a schedule girl so I need some structure to our days. As with everything, I want the schedule to serve me and me not serve the schedule.  So we're shooting for some happy mediums here while enjoying the best that summer has to offer.  This was our first week so I can't say it will last but it worked well this week.  Week-to-week I'm sure it will look different, but you get the idea!

Monday: Outing somewhere (this week it was Wegerzyn Gardens)
Tuesday: Errands
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Animal Day (Haven wants to have "school time" all the time- this is our compromise.  She picks one animal a week to learn about.  We'll read some books about the animal and do a related craft.  This week it was giraffes and we did this based on Giraffes Can't Dance.  Really fun!)
Friday: Friends- Invite a friend over or go to some one's house.

We're also reading together everyday which is something we usually do, but I'm focusing more on fun chapter books.  We just finished Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle and we all really enjoyed it (even Mati sat and listened which really surprised me).  Next up: My Father's Dragon. Have any good read aloud book suggestions for me?

And in other exciting news, Haven lost her other front tooth today, courtesy of the dentist!  She's pretty darn cute toothless on top!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer List 2011

A new tradition was started this year, thanks to Meg at whatever...the Summer List.

What's on your list?  What should we add to ours?