Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pierced Ears

When Haven turned 5 we debated getting her ears pierced as one of her gifts.  She liked the idea of having them pierced, but wasn't ready to do it.  We've talked about it occasionally a few other times and she was still on the fence.  Last Friday, faced with a family day and trying to think of something fun to do, I blurted out, "Let's go get your ears pierced!"  And she said, "YES!"  So we did.  I didn't get mine pierced until I was 9 and it was a big deal.  We went back and forth with waiting and not waiting.  Making it a big deal and not.  We decided that if she wanted them, we'd go for it.  We're still completely responsible for all her hygiene so why not add cleaning ears to the list every night?!  I'm glad we did it. She loves them and is so excited about wearing earrings.  It was a little expensive for a hey-let's-just-go-do-this-kind-of-thing, but it was totally worth it.  Cale captured a play-by-play on his phone.

She was nervous/excited while we were getting set up and drawing the dots on...
And then she winced in pain while they did it....
Just as she was about to burst in to tears, I whipped the mirror in front of her so she could see herself...

And she liked what she saw!!  So did I!  I was so proud- no tears at all!

Friday, September 16, 2011

happiness on a friday...

happiness on a friday...

-sleeping 9.5 hours last night!  i haven't slept that long in quite some time and it was wonderful!

-waking up with my man who has been gone all week.  we're so happy to have him home!

-nights that are cold enough for footy pajamas! and the two cuties wearing them!

-the smell of pumpkin angel food cake baking in the oven.  and good friends to share it with!

-a fruitful trip to goodwill finding just what i needed.  and a patient husband who took me there!

-time spent working on my Bible study and with a good book.

-cool days that allow for finally wearing my new scarf. purchased with a groupon- my favorite!

-the fun of watching haven get her ears pierced.  more to come on that later.

-a full weekend ahead- a festival, hanging out with friends, church, football and the kids starting Awana!

it's all grace.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Painted wallpaper

A few weeks ago Cale and I tackled a project I've had on my to-do list for several months.  I wanted to do something to brighten up the wall in our front room (which serves as playroom, school room and entry way).  Initially I thought about painting a chevron pattern on the wall, but then decided that was too trendy and I'd get tired of it quickly.  But I couldn't find just was I was looking for until I found this over at jones deisgn company.  We finally set to work and about 16 hours later, this was our finished product!

Cale did all the stenciling on of the pattern and I painted most of it myself.  It took us parts of 5 different evenings and while you might think 16 hours sounds like a lot, it wasn't bad and the finished result was so totally worth it!
I realize that my pictures don't do it justice, but here's another one anyways!  It adds so much personality to this space without being overbearing.  We are so happy with how it turned out.

Next up around here: the stairwell collage...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off he goes

Mati had his first day of Tuesday School yesterday.  I can't believe he's old enough to go and it is a major switch to leave him there and have Haven with me while running errands. When we were walking to the car after leaving  Haven and I decided it felt like she was skipping school!  Here's our big boy all ready for the day...
He is in that phase of not really knowing how to smile right for the camera.  So here we've got a great smile, but not looking at me.  He's cute so who cares!

My boys...they are best buddies as Mati always tells Cale.

Serious as can be once we got to school!  Didn't hear much of a report, but he seemed to enjoy himself.  I think he'll have a great time!

I just had to slip this's Haven on her first day of Tuesday School 3 years ago!  Oh my word!