Friday, September 16, 2011

happiness on a friday...

happiness on a friday...

-sleeping 9.5 hours last night!  i haven't slept that long in quite some time and it was wonderful!

-waking up with my man who has been gone all week.  we're so happy to have him home!

-nights that are cold enough for footy pajamas! and the two cuties wearing them!

-the smell of pumpkin angel food cake baking in the oven.  and good friends to share it with!

-a fruitful trip to goodwill finding just what i needed.  and a patient husband who took me there!

-time spent working on my Bible study and with a good book.

-cool days that allow for finally wearing my new scarf. purchased with a groupon- my favorite!

-the fun of watching haven get her ears pierced.  more to come on that later.

-a full weekend ahead- a festival, hanging out with friends, church, football and the kids starting Awana!

it's all grace.


Amber said...

the footy pj's...adorable!!! love the scarf. and of course maya is once again jumping up and down because she's so excited for haven's ears being pierced!

Marisa said...

A very good Friday! Love those cute little ears!

Traci said...

So happy to see you all this past Friday. I think I might make the pumpkin cake for Isaac's party... a little something different for his fall birthday! (Oh, and please give Malayna a lecture about giving her mama 9.5 hours of sleep!)