Saturday, March 3, 2012

Still here

 My six year old and her pancake cake

Well, that turned in to quite the hiatus, didn't it?  Totally not planned, but then nothing in my life feels like it is these days!  We're still here, plugging along. We've been sick (who hasn't?!!) and traveled and are trying to navigate our way through the foster care system (that's a whole other post that will probably never get written!).  I honestly can't believe it is March and that the two day old who showed up on my doorstep is now two months old!  We're still trying to figure out life with three kids, homeschooling, ministry opportunities, and general life responsibilities. So here's a few pictures to bring you up to speed and we'll consider ourselves caught up, okay?
This is what my kids do to themselves when I'm otherwise occupied
 Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day with heart shaped pepperoni- a big hit!
 Haven and Cale ready to hit the slopes for a day of skiing
 Mati's first trip to the dentist- he did so well!
Three babes in a bed for a morning snuggle

I'll be back soon...promise!!  

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Marisa said...

love the last pic. hoping you'll get to "uncover" that sweet little face one day!