Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Favorites

Happy Spring! It doesn't feel too springy around here today, but the sunshine helps. Cale has been out of town for most of this week and we are happy to have him home now. Poor guy took a redeye home last night so he and Haven are both napping away the afternoon. Here is some randomness that I feel compelled to share...

--March Madness, baby! We love us some college basketball and for the next few weeks we will watch too many games. I signed up for BooMama's Tournament Challenge and thus far have a 97% rating. That could all change very quickly so I'm going to enjoy looking like I know what I'm doing while it lasts!

--I'm always on the lookout for easy, not too messy and fun craft projects for Haven and I to do together. This one is a winner! It's on the plan for next week and seems the perfect way to celebrate Spring's arrival. And it's too cute!

--Dinner one night this week found me scrambling for a side dish. Pioneer Woman to the rescue! Actually, Kay to the rescue! I made the Potato Corn Mash and added in peas as well....delicious! We all ate way too much of it, but considering it's full of veggies I don't think that's a bad thing. It seems like such a no brainer kind of recipe, but I've never thought to do it before so I'm glad Kay shared the idea. And if you have some time go visit Kay's site; great recipes and beautiful pictures!

--I read some good news earlier this week...negotiations are underway for Friday Night Lights to be renewed for not one, but two seasons! You have no idea the joy I felt upon reading this news!

--I haven't purchased these sandals yet, but you better believe I will be. They will be the Summer of '09 sandals assuming they are as comfortable they appear to be! A little pricier then what I would usually spend for flip flops, but they are adorable and free shipping never hurts either.

Hope your weekend is as happy as mine looks to be!

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Marisa said...

The Potato Corn Mash looks SO good!!!!