Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Haven's "Program"


Haven had a program to mark the end of the year at Tuesday School a few weeks ago. We talked about the program quite a bit leading up to the big event and one night she decided to do some practicing. She loves to sing and as you will see takes some creative license with lyrics. And the prayer...she is too much! I love this girl and the way that the Lord made her with a lot of personality and a sweet, kind heart!



jenny said...

Hilarious!! I love videos of the simple things. So great to look back at in a few years. What a sweet little girl Haven is. Talk to you soon.

Julie said...

My she has grown so much! She has her ways to make me smile;)

Shiny said...

Sooo funny! Thanks for sharing!!!

Amy McSwegin said...

Oh wow, you were right. That was definitely worth posting. :) "We're just gonna bless these little children..." Priceless!