Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Mother's Day: Try, try again

Mother's Day this year was not a shining moment for our family. There were a lot of things going on, the most glaring of which was the fact that we didn't have our referral yet for our adoption. I thought that by Mother's Day I would know the face of my other child, but that was not the case. All of this emotional drama coupled with the tale end of our 12 day long trip were not ideal circumstances in which to celebrate the special day. We had a nice day, but it passed rather unceremoniously for the most part. So Cale decided that we needed a re-do. Today was Mother's Day at our house!

I got to sleep in and was then served breakfast in bed (and there was an Iced Capp of course!). I was given some cash for a shopping spree today to go buy some things for our little guy. We took a nice long bike ride and then got ready to shop. Not only did Cale give me the cash to spend, but he escorted me to the outlets and was a good shopping friend (and Haven entertainer) the entire time. We got some good deals and had a great afternoon planning and preparing for our son. A nice leisurely evening rounded out with a walk and an at-home pedicure made for a lovely day. I have the best husband husband in the world!

And the best part of the day was smiling every time I saw my son's picture. At this point they are all over the house so I don't have to go too far without seeing his sweet face. A Happy Mother's Day indeed.


Amber said...

i got him some cute jammies at the gap outlet today :) so glad you had a wonderful "mother's day"!!!!!!!

Marisa said...

Wow! What a sweet gesture! Sounds like you had a great day!

Julie said...

I love this! What a great re-do;) I am glad you had a great mother's day!!

Traci said...

May turned out being an AMAZING month for you! We're praying for a quick court date. Can't wait to meet your new son!!!