Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A long weekend

Do you ever feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend? That's how I'm feeling today. I'm very thrown off that it's already Tuesday, too. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be all caught up with myself!

We had a very full weekend that left us all wiped out. Some of it fun, some of it not. Friday night found us realizing that we are indeed a boring old married couple (not that there was much doubt!). We washed our windows and were actually kind of excited to do it because it meant we could cross it off our massive to-do list. (Side note: Remember that great idea I had to do my spring cleaning bit-by-bit? That got thrown out the window when we were gone for two weeks and then it took me a week to recover from being gone. I went into panic mode last week because I'd like to finish my spring cleaning while it is still, in fact, spring.) That's why we found ourselves washing windows on a Friday night. Party animals we are not.

Saturday was full of much of the same: yard work, house projects, purging, cleaning and organizing. We are whipping this house into shape and ridding it of all the excess stuff that overtakes us once in a while. It's a good feeling. We stopped long enough to grill ourselves some dinner and enjoy it out on the deck. It was a very productive day- the kind that fills you with a deep satisfaction as you lay down to sleep.

Sunday we went to church and then got ready for a picnic with our neighbors and some other friends. The kids splashed around in the pool and ran through the sprinkler and shot each other with water guns. We ate too much good food and drank too many ginger lime spritzers (or maybe just I did), but it was a great evening.

We spent Monday hanging out with friends and finished off our long weekend with a trip to Young's Dairy for ice cream and some animals. It was a nice way to finish a busy weekend- just the three of us hanging out and having fun.
Getting ready for a ride on their little tractor pull at the farm-Haven was SO excited about this!
This picture makes me laugh! Cale took it mid-ride and I love it!

And now we are already headlong into a new week. I need to quit dragging my feet and get with the program!

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Marisa said...

I understand how you feel! I feel like I am so behind on stuff that needs to be done here. I feel like my social life has fallen off the face of the earth!