Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still here, still summer

Another week gone by and no news...I guess that's what happens when your family takes turns being sick all week! We traded around a bit of a stomach bug and now Mati's fighting off an ear infection. Stomach bug sounds so polite, but it was truly not pleasant. Thankfully we all seem to be healthy or at least heading in that direction and I'm thankful.

The last three weeks of our life seem like such a blur (in a kind-of-good way) and I'm ready to just enjoy our family and friends and these last few weeks of summer. I could do with out 90 degrees, but it is August isn't it? We have much to look forward to in the coming weeks... friends visiting, a vacation at the lake, introducing Mati to more of his family, and squeezing in some outdoor summer fun like the splash park, hiking at the arboretum and trips to the pool.

It feels so good to finally have found our new normal and to fall into a rhythm for our days. Our family does not do well without a schedule or a plan and that's part of what has made the last few weeks so off-kilter. But now we've got our feet back underneath us and are ready to enjoy living life together as a family.

Our two silly kids!

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