Friday, June 25, 2010

Another week gone by...

Just another week around here, but that's okay. I've been mildly productive and that is an improvement from last week so I'll take it.

-I started off last weekend with a horrible toothache. Friday afternoon I found myself in the dentist chair, paying them lots of money to drill my tooth. I've been nursing a temporary crown all week and have about three teeth that are comfortable to chew on. While painful and expensive, it has been an excellent appetite deterrent. But I don't recommend it!

-Last Monday we started Potty Training Boot Camp with Mati. (That means we just went straight to underwear when he is awake.) I had a sense he was ready and, for once in his life, he hasn't proven me wrong. We are on Day 5 of no accidents and that includes going grocery shopping, home group, a friend's house and running some errands, all in undies. He's done awesome! And seriously, have you ever seen a cuter behind in some camo before? I think not!
Yes, I did make him play outside in only his underwear last week, thanks for asking.

-I'm in "let's re-do our house" mode which is dangerous and always ridiculous. So instead I settled for a $20 upgrade in the bathroom and some 80% off frames and a can of spray paint for some new artwork. Much more reasonable and will hopefully quench the desire to do much else!

-Company's coming which means dessert needed to be made. I settled on this after seeing raspberries and blackberries for $1 at the grocery store. It's pure summer delight! Isn't she a beauty? And I'm trying something new for dinner. (By the way- am I the only one who does that? Tries out new recipes when company is coming or for big holiday dinners? I always seem to and thus far have been successful. I wasn't wrong about this dish either!)

-Sweetest moment of the week: Haven came over to me after she ate breakfast and said, "Mom, I love you. You're the hero of our family." I asked her what she meant and she told me, "You are the hero because you help out Papa and help me and help Mati. You're just the hero." And then I melted on the floor. She's been extra difficult this week so it was nice to have something kind come out of her mouth!

-Cale has been enjoying the World Cup. He played soccer growing up and likes watching it. Me? Not so much. But I do love the theme song for this year's World Cup! The kids and I dance around at least once a day to it. And chances are that you'll hear Cale and I singing it around the house. Very catchy, that song! (Seriously- I sat and listened to it 8 times while I wrote this past. I'm warning you- it will get stuck in your head! But I like it so I don't mind!)

-We're kicking off our weekend enjoying fireworks, music and a flyover at a local event. It's supposed to be a beautiful evening and we're going with great friends. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday night!


Amber said...

those little buns are too cute!!! love it!

Traci said...

That pie looks like it's straight from Martha Stewart's kitchen! You're inspiring me to get a move on w/Isaac w/the potty training. I just really dread it for some reason! Good inspiration!

Marisa said...

Sweet words from Haven! Sorry to hear about your tooth. NO FUN!

Mati is so cute! I'm thoroughly impressed with his progress! Can I send a certain someone over? :)

jess said...

thanks for the pick of the tush...much like i envisioned but the camo was a pleasant surprise! so cute!