Sunday, July 11, 2010

Free for the pickin'

We have the best neighbors. They are helpful, generous and love on our kids like another set of grandparents. And they really like to share. They've been on vacation this week and gave us free reign on their very large, very abundant garden. This is what the kids and I hauled in after a 5 minute picking.

photo courtesy

And that soon became Eggplant Cacciatore Sandwiches for dinner. Of course, I can't ever leave well enough alone and so I added zucchini, because, hey, I had it. We had also gotten a loaf of multi-grain bread free from church which brings the grand total cost of this meal to about $1 for the cheese (I used mozzarella because it's what I had) and a can of tomatoes from the pantry. It was delicious! We will definitely be enjoying this again very soon. Especially if my neighbors keep sharing their bounty!


Marisa said...

Yummo! HaHa! Looks great! I just received my first issue... can't wait to break it in!

Amber said...

just a tiny bit jealous of your generous neighbors and their wonderful garden. :) looks delicious!