Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catching up

Thursday already and another weekend bearing down on us. Unlike last weekend, this one is partially unfilled and that means I just might get to relax. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind; we've had so much going on that I've barely had time to think about it all, let alone blog about it! But here's a few pictures of the last week or so and what's been happening in our world.

Last week Haven started her third (!) year of Tuesday School. She loved it and is excited about a new year. Is it just me or does she look so old in this picture?!!

Cale and I had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday at the Steelers game on Sunday. What a great guy to decide he wants to go to a game as his gift and take me along! We won the game in overtime with a touchdown in the end zone right in front of us! Couldn't have asked for a more exciting way to end it!
The birthday boy on the bridge as we hiked to the stadium. We didn't mind the mile and half walk on a sunny day in September, but it wouldn't be fun on a cold night in November!

Tonight we entered a new phase of life: organized sports! Haven had her first soccer practice tonight and loved every minute of it. Her coach is pretty cute, too!
So that's our life. Well, the fun things anyway. I didn't think you wanted to see pictures of the dirty dishes, toys spread from room to room or the face of a child in trouble which seem to be the things I look at all day long! But aren't those all reminders of a good meal, fun being had and in the case of a child in trouble, a good idea that didn't turn out so well?
Life is good around here.

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