Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm slowly digging myself out from the pile of goodness that was our Thanksgiving.  Surrounded by family, tables heaped with good food, hearts overflowing with the goodness of the Lord to each of us...what more can you ask for?  (Maybe staying up all night to shop on Black Friday?  Oh, wait...I did that, too! And how about a sleigh ride and a preschool Christmas program?  Yep, had all that goodness, too!)

I came home to a house that had already had the magic wand of Christmas sprinkled upon it.  You have no idea how happy it made me to drive home from our long weekend away, Christmas music on heavy rotation and knowing that my house was already reflecting the season.  I've completed much of my shopping already and have good ideas in the works for those that remain.  We are planning and making room in our day to not let this Advent season slip past us unnoticed.  We don't want to miss it.

The Jesse Tree stands waiting for us tomorrow.  The Advent calendar is ready for its first ornament. I've read the first few pages in my favorite Advent devotional.  And I'm ready.  Ready to ponder and think about and take it all in.  I want to celebrate the mystery and let it sink deep into my heart in a fresh way this season.  I am choosing to not miss it this year.

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jess said...

love this - part of me feels like i just wanna rush through the holidays to get to the next thing...thanks for the reminder to take the time to remember