Thursday, December 23, 2010


Haven's front teeth +Mati's forehead = a night spent at the ER.

A horrible collision as they were running through the house resulted in our second trip to the ER in 10 days.  In the course of those 10 days we also had a traumatic dentist visit for Haven and a few hours spent at urgent care. My kids have never had this much medical trauma  in such a short time span! Thankfully we walked out of the ER Tuesday night with the best case scenario.  We thought Mati was going to need stitches and Haven was going to loose at least one tooth if not more.  BUT, we were wrong, Praise the Lord!  They decided Mati's head would heal okay on it's on.  (And it was until last night when he climbed up on a rocking chair to get something off a bookshelf and a wooden box of wooden play food came crashing down on his head, re-opening the wound! He needs a helmet for Christmas!)  After waiting a long time for a pediatric dentist consult, it was decided that we should give her teeth a chance to reattach.  They might not, but since the teeth weren't cracked or broken off, we should at least let them try.  So we'll check again in a few weeks and see what the dentist thinks then.  They are ridiculously wobbly and she's having a hard time not messing with them; can't say I blame her.
Who looks like they're in more pain here? Seriously- what was my problem?!

I am thankful that overall I have really healthy kids and that we have money to pay for the great medical care that is readily available to us.  I am not taking it for granted! While I hate seeing my kids in pain or sick, I realize it could be SO much worse.  The last few weeks have been joyfully busy for our family, but all the medical drama has added another layer of crazy.  We've fought hard to not let any of it steal our joy and distract our hearts.  He is good no matter what our circumstances may try to tell us.  These next few days will be, Lord willing, calmer around here.  We're eager to celebrate His coming!  And we long for His return!


Marisa said...

So glad it turned out OK. Praying that Haven's teeth will reattach!

Traci said...

What a night for all of you. I'm happy to hear it isn't worse; we know it could be! We definitely have much to be thankful for with overall healthy kids. In the midst of it, I know it can be hard, but you're right - HE is good all the time!!! And the pics are really cute even though your sweeties didn't feel so hot!

Amber said...

so glad they are recovering!!! now seriously strap them down for at least a week. :) love those 2 little cuties!!!

jenny said...

Glad to hear they are on the mend! What a night! Kids are so accident prone and it never seems to fail that something usually happens when you least expect it. Thankful that they both walked out of the ER with the best case scenario.