Friday, March 25, 2011

Two weeks later...

I'll spare you the excuses and just simply state that being out of town for a week and coming home sick don't bode well for the old blog.  But that's life and now it's Friday and I almost feel like myself again.  I decided to treat the kids to breakfast this morning because they've been such troopers while mama's laid on the couch.  It was nice to be out and enjoy the kids and our favorite bagels.  Then I braved Target.  It's been two weeks since I could show my face there again.  We had a little incident the last time we visited.  It involved one of my children deciding that the shopping cart seemed like a good place to go potty. Yeah, I really did just type that out.  Let's just say I had to wipe off some items before purchasing (because, really you can't abandon a cart full of stuff that your child has just peed on.  It crossed my mind, but it seemed wrong, very wrong.) Enough of that though, I'm happy to report that we made it home without incident.

I'm glad it's Friday and we've got a weekend wide open before us.  I've done nothing but lay around all week so there's lots of catching up to do, but  there's nothing like not being able to do the most basic of chores to give you an appreciation for the ability to do laundry and scrub the toilets.  We've also got Haven's Tuesday School program to look forward to; it never fails to be entertaining!  I also see some grocery shopping in my future, finishing Season 8 of "24" with Cale, buying some birthday presents for my mom, and trying to not be bitter that it's 40 degrees out again.  Maybe next week we'll get back to some semi-regular programming around here.

Happy Friday!


Marisa said...

glad you are feeling better. It was good to see you tonight!

jenny said...

Sickness for a mom is no fun! Hope you have been able to get "caught up" this weekend....and that this week is a fresh start!