Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lost: Haven's first tooth

It took one teeth to the head accident, one kick in the face, and 2 nasty falls for it to finally happen...

Haven lost her first tooth!  

I can't believe it hung on as long as it did; we thought they'd not last into the new year.  A fall on Tuesday into the concrete floor at Chipotle finally did it in.  I think the other front one will follow quickly.  For now, we'll need some time to get used to this minus-one-tooth-smile.  Good thing she's cute no matter how many teeth she's got!


Amber said...

she's been such a trooper with all her teeth issues!!! and you're right, she's cute no matter how many teeth she has! love that girl!

Marisa said...

Goodness! What away to lose tooth! I guess they just really wanted to go! Love her new smile!