Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites

It has been awhile since I've shared some of my favorite things.  I know you've been missing it (ha!), so I'm going to do my best to rectify that today.  Remember, I share because I care.  And because I seriously enjoy these products/items!

-Razors, a boring but necessary item. I've been using these Noxzema disposable razors for the last 4 years.  I tend to have sensitive skin and had tried lots of different razors in an effort to find one that didn't make my legs break out in a rash.  I found these one day and have never used anything else since.  The blades stay sharp forever and give you such a smooth, close shave.  They can be hard to find (I even considered buying off Amazon at an exorbitant price because I love them that much!), but I've had success at Walmart locally and they are under $3/4 pack.  Shaving my legs is still not a favorite task, but these razors at least give you great results that make it worth it.

-While we're down at the end of the body, let me talk about my feet.  I am a barefoot girl.  This time of year you will only see me with shoes on if I'm out and about.  Even in the dead of winter I'll be barefoot and them complain about having really cold feet.  Because of all the barefootedness, I'm pretty hard on my feet.  They get dry and callused and I can get cracked heels easily.  I've tried every foot lotion and potion available at your local drugstore with marginal success.  Last year, I decided to give Avon's Foot Works lotions a try.  I love them!  I've never had such good results with products before.  They have a huge line of products and I've tried a ton of them.  Not kidding- here's my stash!

 My current faves are the Hydrating Foot Serum and the Overnight Cream.  And for the first time ever, I have something that helps with the cracks I sometimes get.  Great prices on great products!  You can order online and there are always free shipping deals.  And no, I'm not an Avon representative, but maybe I should be!

-One more cheap beauty product for you...several weeks ago I ran out of moisturizer for my face.  I'm not brand loyal about that so went to Target to see what they had.  Well, Boots is what they have!  Who knew six bucks would find me such a great moisturizer.  I love that this goes on really light and I can use it during these warmer months.  It's an enormous bottle and will last me forever which is good since I love it!

-A year ago, a friend introduced me to the deliciousness of Greek Gods Yogurt.  The plain is great, but the Honey flavored yogurt is out of this world good.  It's my favorite breakfast, snack or dessert with some fresh berries and a sprinkle of granola if I'm feeling crazy.  I never knew I could be so passionate about yogurt, but I love this stuff!  I've only seen it at Kroger and it isn't cheap, but it is worth it.  It frequently goes on sale and when it does I stock up!

-We are always trying to figure out new systems or methods to get the kids involved around the house.  A month or so ago, I read about MyJobChart and it has been the best thing for our kids! It's a free program that you manage all online.  You assign jobs to each of your kids and can completely customize.  You can assign point values or dollar values to each job and it keeps track of all of it.  We are using points and points can then be redeemed for a trip for ice cream or computer time.  We will add more as we go, but for now that's working great for Haven.  (Mati's a bit sporadic in his job completion!)  I would highly recommend checking it out!

-I saw this project earlier this week and adored it: Butterfly art- Haven and I are so making this!

Found anything you've been enjoying lately? Happy long weekend, my friends!


Marisa said...

LOVE the butterfly art and I miss me some Greek yogurt, but a new favorite product of mine is Nutiva coconut oil. I've been tweaking all my recipes to use it as a butter replacement. It's so good, even on toast!

jenny said...

Fun post, reading people's "faves".....I LOVE that greek yogurt from Kroger....have you tried the honey/strawberry one in that brand?! It is amazing as well!