Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today, my little man turned three.  It was a fun day, filled with lots of things Mati loves like cake, church and ketchup.  When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner he replied, "Ketchup."  We made it happen for him!
 Super Mati!  You really are a super guy Mat-Mat.  You are the most polite child and are endless with your praise of others.  You are Haven's biggest cheerleader and always tell me how proud you are of me.  I pray that your gift of encouragement stays with you all your life.
 All smiles as he opened presents.  My happy boy!  You are the life of the party, full of jokes and dances and being crazy.  You love to make us laugh.  You love to talk..."Ya know what, Mama?" is something I hear ALL day long.  Followed closely by, "Dat cool?"  You wear my brain out some days with all the talking, but I love your sweet voice filling up this house.
 Its always sad to say farewell to your sweet little babyish habits.  For almost a year you knew your colors by 
the characters on Sesame Street.  Red=Elmo, Blue=Grover, Yellow=Big Bird, etc.  You are not doing it very often anymore and while I'm so glad you're growing and learning, I thought that was one of the cutest little things you did, especially since it's something you came up with on your own.  What will that mischievous little mind come up with next?
You are the sweetest boy, Mati.  I can't imagine life without you and I am amazed that God orchestrated you into our family.  I love to hear you say, "Our family Papa, Mommy, Haven, Mati!  Our family!"  You love each one us passionately and it is so easily returned.  Thank you for being one of the greatest gifts of my heart and for filling up a part of me I never knew was empty.

 You are my best guy!  Happy birthday, Mati!


Amber said...

well this had me in tears!!! just love him so much and am so thankful for him! love you mati, happy birthday!!!!!

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday, Mati! What a sweetie you are!

Love the mask and cape!

Traci said...

Happy birthday, Mati! We love you bunches.

jenny said...

Happy birthday (belated) to Mati! What a precious boy! Looks like he had a great how his m & m cake turned out!

Amber said...

Was just looking at these pics again and I just can't get over how much I love his lips in that lollipop pic!