Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Road Trip

We crossed state lines last weekend and headed to Indianapolis for a little family getaway.  We spent Friday at the Indy Zoo and fun was had by all.  It's not a huge zoo, but had plenty of animals to see including some special features that we loved.
For the low, low price of $1, Haven was given the chance to feed a giraffe.  Guess what they fed them?  Sweet potatoes!  A mammal after my own heart!  She loved it!
We spent lots of time watching the giraffes.  There was a baby who was only a few months old.  Right across from the giraffes was a huge area that held zebra and kudu.  We also enjoyed watching them.  Mati was very into the zebras.  He was also into carrying the map around.  And then he dropped the map into the zebra enclosure.  Whoops!  He was so upset and started crying.  The next day at the museum he was holding the map and he said, "Mama, I not feed the zebras again."  So funny!
They also loved the shark petting exhibit. We spent so much time there as they patiently waited again and again to try to touch one.  Haven was successful several times.  Mati's just a bit too short!  Since we planned to stay the night it was so nice to take our time through everything and not feel rushed because we had to be somewhere.  Another highlight of the zoo was the dolphin show.  It was a little low-key because they had a 2 week old dolphin, but the kids still loved it. We also liked the train and roller coaster.  A great zoo all around!

After a fun night of swimming and a wonderful dinner here, we were exhausted!  We found a great deal on a hotel via Hotwire and even had a free breakfast.  Saturday morning we headed to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  We got a membership for it this year and have absolutely loved it!  (Thanks, Groupon or some other deal site like it that hooked us up!)  We spent 6.5 hours at the museum and we were dragging by the time we left!  All that time and we still didn't see everything!  We did check out the new National Geographic Exhibit and the kids had lots of fun "deep sea exploring".
A fun trip from start to finish with so much packed in to two days, but it was perfect for our family.  Five and three are such fun ages and I loved just being able to be on the go with them.  It was great time together as a family and we're already thinking of where we can go on another little weekend getaway.


Amber said...

Loved the pics. Looked like so much fun and a good time had by all!

jenny said...

Glad you had fun on your little roadtrip!