Thursday, June 9, 2011

First week of summer

We didn't have an official last day of school at our house, but we did have a first week of summer fun!  I am definitely a schedule girl so I need some structure to our days. As with everything, I want the schedule to serve me and me not serve the schedule.  So we're shooting for some happy mediums here while enjoying the best that summer has to offer.  This was our first week so I can't say it will last but it worked well this week.  Week-to-week I'm sure it will look different, but you get the idea!

Monday: Outing somewhere (this week it was Wegerzyn Gardens)
Tuesday: Errands
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Animal Day (Haven wants to have "school time" all the time- this is our compromise.  She picks one animal a week to learn about.  We'll read some books about the animal and do a related craft.  This week it was giraffes and we did this based on Giraffes Can't Dance.  Really fun!)
Friday: Friends- Invite a friend over or go to some one's house.

We're also reading together everyday which is something we usually do, but I'm focusing more on fun chapter books.  We just finished Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle and we all really enjoyed it (even Mati sat and listened which really surprised me).  Next up: My Father's Dragon. Have any good read aloud book suggestions for me?

And in other exciting news, Haven lost her other front tooth today, courtesy of the dentist!  She's pretty darn cute toothless on top!

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