Monday, October 10, 2011


Hair blowing in my eyes as the wind whips through open windows and sunroof.

Blazing blue skies and a backdrop of beautiful changing leaves.

Apple picking and the sweet tart goodness of a freshly picked apple.

Her eyes lighting up in recognition at my arrival.

The papery thin skin as I bend to kiss her cheek and tell her I love her.

His hand that gently wipes away the tears of overwhelming that flow.

A sweet sleeping boy and a sweet reading girl in the backseat.

Plan B leading us a different way today.

Savoring every word of a favorite book being reread.

Taking the back roads toward home.

A picnic in the sunshine.

All of it a gift; grace undeserved.

Choosing today to be thankful for every moment. 

To let myself be caught up in the current of grace that is my life.


Marisa said...

Beautifully poetic!

Traci said...

That's a great list of blessings. I just started a 1000 gifts journal a couple of weeks ago. It's been so helpful to jot down how he blesses me and to remember that He gives abundantly, even during the most difficult or trying times. Thanks for sharing His goodness toward you.