Monday, October 3, 2011

notes from today...

I'm guessing the best way to get back into a blogging groove is to just start blogging, right?  So consider this my humble attempt.  I really do love to write and share around here, but this has fallen to the bottom of an every-growing list of things that demand my attention.  But maybe this week, I'll try a little harder.  A few thoughts from my day...

-Happy mail today- my new checkbook cover I ordered off etsy.  Seems like an unnecessary purchase, but for $4 it's going to bring me a lot of happy.  (Amy Butler Camel Geisha)

-I wore 2 patterns together.  I know this is all the rage, but not really my thang.  But I tried it- stripes with a pattern.  Dipping my toe in the waters.  And I liked it.

-We are big fans of Compassion International and have supported kids through them for years.  Sadly, we are not the best at writing to our kids even though we know it is so important. I got on there today and they have totally revamped their online letter writing process.  It is awesome and such a great use of technology!  You can pick cool papers, upload pictures directly to your letter and even duplicate it to send to more then one sponsor child.  In 15 minutes I was able to send two letters across the world.  How cool is that?  So if you sponsor children through Compassion- go write them a letter today!

-It's soup night around here.  I've been making this soup since we got married and it is still a favorite- Baked Potato Soup.  I've lightened it up a bit and it's one of those recipes that I have memorized because I've made it so much.  We love it!  Tonight it will be served with salad and biscuits- a yummy fall meal.

-Anyone else out there started Christmas shopping?  I've spent way too much time browsing today trying to make some decisions on a few gifts and also maybe get to a certain amount for free shipping.  The person who decided that offering free shipping with a certain amount spent was a genius!  I'm currently $2.27 short of the amount I need.  Annoying.  And I just keep buying more stuff!  Ya gotta spend money to save money, right?

-It's Fall Break around here!  We officially have 6 weeks under our belts and are on break with Classical Conversations so mama decided we're having a break here, too.  Well, as much of a break as Haven will let me do!  We still did some worksheets and reading and she really wanted spelling, but I cut her off.  We're going to do some fun crafty things and maybe even throw in a field trip or two.  And plan for the rest of the year!  There's no break for me!

Happy October Monday!


Traci said...

It's funny you mentioned writing your sponsored children letters. World Vision has the same type of set-up, and I had planned on writing to our kids this week. We have some "new" kids in our family, and I want them to know right away that we're thinking of them and praying for them. Thanks for posting about it! Cute checkbook cover, too!

Marisa said...

Very good purchase! I love all things Amy Butler! We had soup last night with enough leftovers for tonight. It is SO good. I'll have to send you the recipe.