Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Favorite Things: Fall Edition

Fall is in the air. Hard to believe when it's 95 degrees outside but I'm believing. Well, desperately hoping is more like it. But fall means so many great things and I would like to take one moment and share just a few of them with you.

Football season. No, I am not taking about college football. I am talking about the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers my friends. Five time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. I am a serious fan, which might come as a surprise to some. But it's true and I am nothing but proud of my Steelers heritage. In fact, time was spent this past weekend while in the great state of Pennsylvania to procure appropriate Steelers attire for every member of my family from my mom down to the baby who is 10 months old. Haven is all ready to go. I've taught her to say "Touchdown!" while throwing her arms in the air and she tries real hard to say, "Go, Big Ben!" That's a bit more of a mouthful for her.

Haven in her Troy Polamalu #43 jersey

Boots and sweaters. I am so tired of my capri pants and same old shirts I have been wearing since May. I am ready to get out the sweaters and get some new jeans and wear socks again. There is very little that makes me as happy as a brisk fall day with my cute boots and a cozy sweater for company. And maybe Cale, too. Can't wait for lots of those days!

Soup and chili. I love a good pot of soup simmering away on the stove or some chili bubbling away in the crock pot. I am one of those people who can not/will not eat soup in the summer. It just seems wrong to me. But come fall we are hitting the soups like it's our job. (Which it kind of is mine so I guess that works.) I have also been spending some time on and saving soup recipes to my recipe box like crazy. And if you've never been to that site, what are you waiting for?!! It is easy to navigate and full of tons of great ideas and reviews.

Corduroys. My husband looks good in a nice pair of cords. Real good. And I am thankful that it's September because I feel as if it's okay to bring them back into circulation once again. Maybe not while it's still above 90, but soon, very soon. It really opens up his clothing options for work and it makes me happy. It's the simple things in life that really bring me joy.

Down comforters. It's a bit early to bring this old friend out, but her time will come. I love my down comforter. Cale introduced me to the wonders of down when we got married and sleep and warmth have never been the same. Perhaps it's because I was coming off the coldest winter of my life where I had to sleep with a hat on to stay even remotely warm while buried under my 5 layers of blankets. Either way, the down comforter is my friend. Nothing says fall to me quite like sleeping with the windows open and cuddling under the downie with Cale.

And now I am off to dream of fall days where I'm wearing my favorite sweater and boots while eating a bowl of soup and watching the Steelers win and Cale is sitting next to my in some cute corduroys and then we go to sleep under the downie. My dream will come true soon enough!

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