Monday, December 3, 2007

Too much goodness for one weekend to hold (or one post!)

Friday morning, at early thirty, Amber picked me up and we headed north. Girls weekend had finally arrived and it could not have come at a better time! The crazy, stressful experience of the last few weeks slowly faded in my mind as I focused on no kids, no plan, no schedule but our own, shopping, eating and doing whatever else we wanted for 36 hours! Can we just say fantastic!!!

We had a three+ hour car ride ahead of us so sustenance was needed. Panera answered the call and I enjoyed one of their lovely cold, frosty coffee drinks for the first time. It was definitely worth turning around for and between that and my bagel, I was ready to go. I still can't believe how fast the car ride went. We talked and talked and talked and reveled in the experience of no one interrupting us. Before we knew it, the great hulking, navy and yellow Ikea filled our eyes and our hearts started to beat a bit faster. As we were walking in, we both admitted to getting a bit giddy every time we get to go to Ikea. We're dorks, and we know that and I can assure we are both okay with it.

Hours were spent perusing the aisles, getting some great artwork ideas for a little project we're working on, Swedish meatballs were enjoyed by all, and fantastic deals were found. Only one of the things I went there for was out of stock. Considering that I still was able to fill my cart with other delights, I wasn't too bummed. I always love going to Ikea around this time of year because they always have fun ornaments, wrapping paper, tea towels, etc. We were able to get some wonderful deals and some fun little stuff for 50 and 99 cents!

We spent some time driving around checking out our options, getting our bearings for the area. We found some other places to shop at and spent a few more hours trying to cross some items off our Christmas lists. We checked into our hotel and tried to make a plan for ourselves. The problem with two moms who always seem to be on some sort of schedule, is that we have a hard time knowing how to plan complete free time. Don't worry, we figured it out pretty quick and just had to motivate ourselves to get up off our comfy beds to get ready for some dinner.

We shared a fantastic meal at Buca di Beppo's. Amber and I had planned to go see a movie, but we still had a few hours until it started. We made a few stops and then wound up at Target. A day of shopping really wouldn't be complete without some time spent at Target. And they did not disappoint. It only reaffirmed to us why we love Target so much. We both got some great deals (pants for $1.98!) and the dollar section provided some great stocking stuffers (like a chef's hat for Haven to go along withe the kitchen she has headed her way! And seriously- will we be able to stand the cuteness of her in a purple chef's hat?? I doubt it!) We went to see a late movie whose title I won't mention because I really didn't like it that much. It was okay, just not a movie I would have paid full price for. It wasn't awful, just not my thing. We stopped in for a quick late night snack and then headed back to the hotel. My bed was calling my name and we both drifted off to sleep in record time.

Saturday we didn't have any real plans as we had to get back by early afternoon. Even after spending the entire previous day together we still managed to fill our car ride with conversation and laughs. And that is really what our time away was about. Yes, we had fun shopping, but that is definitely not what our primary objective was. For me, it was about a much needed break. It was about remembering that I am not just a wife and mom, but a woman and a friend. I love being a wife and a mom, but the last few weeks have found me worn out and beaten down by all the was being demanded of me. I got out of the car Saturday refreshed and excited to see my family. Amber and I had prayed that we would return home with a renewed desire to serve our families and I am thankful that God shifted my perspective and reminded me what joy there is in doing the job He has called me to.

More later about our Satuday night family fun...

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Amber said...

it really was wonderful and refreshing! it needs to happen more often :)