Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day at the Zoo

How exactly do you write about a whirlwind weekend when your mom got remarried, the entire landscape of your family dramatically changed, and you are still trying to catch up with it all? Yeah, me neither! So I won't!

Instead I'll just talk about Father's Day. We had hoped to go boating with some friends, but the weather was not very cooperative so we started the trek towards home instead. Cale mentioned that it would be fun to go to the Columbus Zoo on our way home. So we did! We didn't have a stroller with us and weren't exactly prepared (I was wearing jeans and it was almost 90!), but we rolled with it. Lord willing, a month from now we won't be able to be so spontaneous on account of one small boy joining our family. So it was fun to just go with it and we enjoyed a nice afternoon at the zoo together.

There were animal statues like this all over the zoo and Haven had to pose by every one that we encountered. She chose her own pose on this one- can you tell?!

We took the little boat ride through the Asia area of the zoo. It was a big hit with all of us!

Papa and his girl on the merrry-go-round. Haven loved this! She laughed and laughed the entire ride which made us laugh and just enjoy it with her.

It wasn't quite the Father's Day that we had planned, but I think Cale enjoyed himself anyways. We stopped and got some bbq for dinner per the dad's request. We unpacked and then settled in on the couch for some relaxing. I even obliged Cale and watched a surfing movie with him. (Don't tell him I even kinda liked it!)

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looks like fun!