Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One thing after another

Our trip....was fantastic! I have not had that much fun in a very long time! We received wonderful, challenging teaching and encouragement from the Word that was very needed. I still am processing through much of it but am absolutely certain it was just what I needed to hear, at just the right time. Imagine that?! A great, refreshing weekend with the best company...what more can I ask for? How about getting to meet BooMama? We did! (Amber wrote all about it here and posted our picture with her.) She's wonderful and made us all feel good when she couldn't believe how old we were. I believe her exact words were, "Y'all just look so fresh and put together." Made my day!

I'm off tomorrow on another road trip, but this was has a completely different purpose. My mom is getting remarried on Saturday! We are excited for her and looking forward to celebrating with our growing family (25 and counting in our new immediate family!) and 185 of their closest friends. Seriously!?! Isn't that crazy? That's what happens when you marry a pastor and invite the congregation I guess. It's sure to be a crazy weekend and I am in charge of way too much, but it will all be worth it.

I'll be back next week (Lord willing!) and maybe will find some more time for this old blog. Maybe!

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jenny said...

Such a blessed weekend....so thankful we were able to go together and hear amazing truth from little Beth...not to mention have some great laughs! Praying for your weekend at your mom's wedding.