Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fast Forward

It's amazing to me how one simple phone call immediately thrust our life into fast forward. We couldn't be more thrilled about it, but it has certainly made our lives a whole lot busier. We leave the country in 13 days and there is much to do before we leave.

How exactly does one prepare to suddenly be a family of four by adding a 14 month old to the mix? We don't know either! But we're trying and are busy packing, planning, booking flights, finishing a bedroom, washing little boy clothes, doing special things with Haven, trying out double strollers, rearranging car seats and pulling the highchair up from the basement.

All these mundane, but fun tasks are keeping us occupied. They are tangible and easily crossed off our master to-do list. But it's all the other stuff that keeps my mind in constant motion. Have we explained all of this process enough to Haven? Can we really handle all the challenges that await us as we bring home this child? Will I know what to say the first time I get a rude comment at the store about our multi-racial family? Do I even know how to be a mom to a boy? What can a 14 month old do and not do (my memory is shaky even though I've had one before!)? What is life really going to be like? Are we up for it?

Some of my questions have answers, some don't. At least not yet. But I know that the grace that has enabled us to come this far isn't about to run out. There's more ahead; enough to cover every need, sustain us in the trials and celebrate every joy. So today I'll happily cross off a few more tasks on my list and leave my questions behind. I'll savor these last few weeks we have, just the three of us and smile every time I think about what life will be like 3 weeks from now when we will FINALLY be a family of four.


Julie said...

I love it! There is so much still unknown, but that is part of the fun. You can never prepare for adding a child, but it is fun learning along the way!

Marisa said...

Kate, you are such a great mom! There will be challenges, of course, but there will be much joy!