Sunday, July 12, 2009

The last of its kind

We had a great weekend together. A mix of productive and fun, great on any weekend, but especially good on our last weekend just the three of us. There was lots of errands, some packing, "organizing out" as Haven likes to say and plenty of tickles and laughs. We took a family bike ride yesterday, ate pizza for lunch and had a movie night, complete with stove-top popped popcorn and a sleepover. Remarkably, we all got a good night's sleep despite the cramped quarters.

Today we attended church, ran more errands and then spent the afternoon at the pool. It was darn near perfect out- 83 degrees with a good breeze. Cale grilled us our dinner and Haven played outside. We hung up pictures in Mathios' room and got it just about ready for the boy. (One small mar to our lovely weekend was my leg impalement by Cale's drill bit. It's causing a great deal of pain and I'm certain that there is some sort of raging infection already taking up residence!) We tucked in a very tired girl and then Cale and I sat out by the fire pit and he even made me a s'more.

A near perfect weekend if you ask me. It might have been the last of its kind, but it was one to remember. Not because of anything remarkable, but the amazing normalness of it wrapped up in the startling reality of what's about to happen in our family. All our preparing and planning and hoping about to be realized.

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