Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Haven- a self-portrait

Haven is a never ending source of entertainment. Usually without even trying she makes me laugh. Some recent examples...

-Upon getting up from her rest time she informed me that, "Mom, I prayed not once, but two times that we could go slow, really slow, and safe on our trip. But also that it would not take too long."

-Earlier this week she wanted to go to a restaurant for lunch. She kept calling it The Wheelbarrow and proceeded to describe it as the place with the brown man on a tractor. It took me several minutes to realize she was, in fact, calling Cracker Barrel, The Wheelbarrow.

-Haven's new favorite phrase is, "Well, the things is..." As in, "Well, the thing is mom, that you didn't give me any bread." I assure you I know where she gets that one!

-And my personal favorite is when she calls my Iced Capps my cha-chinos or cap-chines.

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Marisa said...

I love how their little minds think!