Saturday, September 26, 2009


Cale doesn't try to surprise me very often, but when he does, it's almost always a huge winner! That was definitely the case last week when he came home from work with a box from the post office. Return address: Lisa Leonard! Well over a year ago I had shown Cale this necklace that I loved. But at that time we didn't know about Mati so it seemed silly to me to get one without our future child included on it. Well, fast forward to a few weeks ago when Cale went ahead and ordered one for me. I absolutely love it! I have worn it every single day and have received several compliments on it. I was going to take a picture of mine, but copy and pasting this one was much easier. (Obviously mine has a lower case m and h on it!) Thanks, Cale; you're the best!


Amber said...

i saw you wearing it and forgot to say something! i LOVE it and have been wanting one too! good job cale :)

Marisa said...

Like Amber, I noticed it when we were together and I meant to tell you how much I liked it! I love her jewelry. What a thoughtful gift!!!

jenny said...

Love Lisa Leonard's jewelry! Have considered ordering from her many times, but haven't yet. She is very talented. What a great surprise...can't wait to see it!