Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Remember that time I ran out of gas?

I ran out of gas in my car tonight. So stupid! What's ironic about the whole thing is that driving over to the library tonight Cale commented on how little gas I had in my car. I suggested that he should get me some (like he usually does). He was giving me a hard time about it and said, "Well, you haven't run out of gas in one of our cars yet." He spoke too soon.

After running an errand I drove back to the library to pick up Cale and Haven and as we were set to pull out onto the road the car died. I knew immediately what was wrong and my heart sank, right down there with my pride. I've run out of gas exactly never (except for one amazing coast into the gas station during some poorer days). I was irritated with myself for letting such a stupid thing happen. But you know what, even through such a little thing God showed me how good He is. A friend of ours was working at the library tonight and allowed Cale to take her car to go get gas. We didn't have to sit and wait for anyone because she was there and willing to help. And even greater evidence of God's goodness is the gracious man I'm married to. I can assure that if he had been the one at fault for running out of gas I would not.have.been.happy. But he just shrugs and says, "No big deal."

So tonight I'm thankful for learning a little more about grace and that I have a God and husband who so freely give it.


Marisa said...

I ran out of gas just once too and Brian reacted the same way. It just makes you love them that much more!

Julie said...

Oh that is good:)