Friday, October 16, 2009

For today

Driving over the streets of the city where we first met today. Our conversation isn't all that different then it was in those days. If you close your eyes and pretend there aren't two car seats, with two small children in the back, you might think nothing has changed. And in some ways it hasn't. But in the most important ways it has. There are marriages and children, scars and disappointments, joys and new experiences that mark both our lives. We never were carefree single girls in our early twenties. There's always been a bit more to us then that, and thus the deep friendship that began many summers ago.

Flashes of scenes and situations we found ourselves in. Jokes that only we think are funny. Road trips that never lacked for excitement. Cruising through bookstores looking for cheap reads to add to our shelves. The nights spent laughing and praying and trying to figure it all out.

But now the miles separate and daily emails keep us involved in the details. We can go months without actually talking on the phone, but I know her better then just about anybody. Sometimes it's only a few lines sent out about how there's no time to email that day. Other days it's novel length tomes that are cathartic for both the reader and writer. No matter, it's always connection. It's always -I'm thinking of you today and I just need you to know that.-

Almost everything in our lives has changed since we first befriended one another. But thankfully, all those changes have made us appreciate each other more. We've grown up together in many ways and I have a feeling there's more of that to come.

But today I'm thankful that the miles don't separate. I'm happy to be sitting next to her. To see her laugh and love on my children. To just sit and be together, remebering our younger selves with a smile. To speak of the mundane and the deep across the table.

I'm thankful to just be.


Jess said...

if your goal was tears...then, congratulations:) i had many of the same thoughts yesterday - love you dearly - miss you and those runny nosed little buggers already!

Marisa said...

Everyone needs a friend like that! I'm so glad you have Jess!