Thursday, October 1, 2009


Oh, I love you! I'm so happy that it's finally October, although September went by in a flash didn't it? I don't know if it is these wonderful fall days or the fact that I finally feel like I'm living my life again rather then having it happen around me, finds me optimistic and hopeful and just enjoying my life. We're happy it's October and hoping to make the most of it.

We started off with a bang today by visiting a local park that has a working 1880's farm with friends. The kids loved it and we all thoroughly enjoyed being outside and experiencing something new.

Checking out the cows in their pasture

Trying her hand at the plows

Mati just did a lot of hanging out in the stroller, but he sure looked cute doing it!

A fresh haircut for me and dinner cooking away in the crock-pot have made it an all around lovely day. We finished off this most wonderful first day of October with some pumpkin cookies! They were a hit all you can tell!

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