Saturday, May 22, 2010

A second birthday, but the first

Today, my baby boy turns two. He's not a baby anymore, but a rough and tumble, wild and crazy toddler. It's hard for me to fathom that even one year ago I didn't even know him. He's so deeply woven into every part of me now, I don't remember not loving him. There are a million things I love about this kid, and his facial expressions are just one of them.

Then there's the matter of these lips of his! And I love the little kissing game that he plays with me.

He's an expressive guy, too and usually asks,"Where'd it go?" with his arms in the air.

And then there is this smile...

And these eyes. His eyes are what drew me in the moment I saw him.

And he's just a little bit totally crazy! He makes me laugh all day long and loves to be the life of the party!
So today we celebrate. It's his second birthday, but the first as one of us. There will be all manner of fun had today. An Elmo cake (he calls Elmo "Melmo" and I love it!), friends and family and presents and lots of laughter and love.

Happy Birthday, Mati! You are my best guy and I love you more then I ever thought possible!


Marisa said...

Happy Birthday, Mati! I hope Melmo is all you hoped he would be!

jenny said...

Hope it was a super special day! What a sweet, sweet boy! Love these pics. God's plan in SO perfect and we praise Him for knitting Mati into your family!

Amber said...

happy birthday Mati! we love you!!!!!!!!!