Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not ready for new just yet

Am I the only one who feels surprised that the calendar reads January 1, 2011 today?  Of course, I knew it was coming, but the reality that it's here has left me feeling a bit unsettled.  I've already started some adjustments in our time and schedule for the new year and thought about some things I want to do differently.  But I've yet to take time and really reflect on this past year, the good and the bad.  I'm more of a everything-is-new-on-a-Monday girl, so perhaps by then, I'll be ready to face the realities of 2011.  For now, I'll sit and enjoy the glow of my Christmas tree lights for one more night and think about what He's done and what lies ahead.

Happy New Year, my friends!


Marisa said...

The New Years is always bittersweet for me too. Hope you had a great day today anyway.

jess said...

man, i ditto your post...i wish i just had to sit, ponder and prepare. maybe oneday soon, mondays will be my favorite too!