Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Elvis and Panera

There's a first time for everything and tonight I crossed two things off the "Never Happened Before"...I was, along with five other ladies, serenaded by an Elvis impersonator while meeting at Panera.

For reals.

I've never been serenaded at Panera before and up til tonight have had minimal contact with Elvis impersonators.  Even better, he came back after singing and said, "You better take a picture or no one will believe you!"  I apologize for the horrible picture, but we were all laughing too hard!

Anything crazy happen to you today?! Bet you can't beat this!


Amber said...

Hilarious! What song did he sing? :)

Marisa said...

How random! Too funny!

Jeni said...

That was funny! I laugh every time I see that picture on my phone. Enjoyed hanging out with you :)