Friday, August 12, 2011

This and that and the boat

I've been fighting with Blogger all week and I wish I could break up with him.  But, I don't really care enough to do that, so I'll just keep fighting.  I have written no less then 5 posts this week that have disappeared mid-type, never to be seen from again.  One of them I restarted 4 times before I took the hint. I'm a slow learner I guess.  But that has nothing to do with anything really.  Only to say that I really have tried to have something to say, but blogger is trying to shut me up.

It's been a lovely week to live in southwestern Ohio.  We've made good use of the sunshine and have been reminded how nice it is to play outside without fear of heatstroke.  We've had playdates outside and taken bike rides and just lived it up.  We love it.  We got caught up in all the beautiful temps and sunshine and tried to go boating mid-week (What? You didn't know we bought a boat?  We bought a boat!).  Then we broke the boat.  And there were a lot of sad faces around here.  But now the boat is fixed and we can try again.  Cale scored skis at a garage sale last weekend and he's itching to try them out.  But to be honest, that means I have to drive the boat while he skis and that is stressful!  I'm a sit-in-the-open-bow-soak-up-the-sun kind of boater.  Not bare-the-weight-of-responsibility-to-not-harm-someone-while-pulling-them-behind-you-at-high-rates-of-speed boater. But for Cale, I'll do it. The boat was a surprising, but long desired purchase.  A great deal fell in our laps and we felt like this was the perfect scenario to do it.  We are really enjoying being out on it as a family and sharing it with friends. Maybe someday Blogger won't hate my and I'll even post pictures of our boating adventures!

Our weekend is shaping up to be a good one.  Haven and I have a mommy date planned for tomorrow complete with a haircut for her and lunch.  When she starts crying every time I comb her hair I know it's time to chop it off.  That day has arrived!  Since I knew she was getting it cut, I convinced her to let me do pigtails today. I adore her in pigtails. But she's pretty darn cute with her short little bob, too!

Happy weekending to you!


Cale Z. said...

You're a great driver. Very cute, too. Smooches!

Marisa said...

Yay! The boat is back! Glad to hear you were able to get it fixed!