Wednesday, August 3, 2011

it's wednesday

a few highlights from the day...
-crossing things off the list that get us one step closer to our next big thing (more about that another day)
-cupcakes from a new shop to share with friends in honor of haven's happy-half-birthday
-spending time with friends
-my first trip to the farmer's market and besides delicious veggies, scoring a beautiful bouquet for $4
-above trip dictating my dinner plan and the new recipe we tried was a winner
-homemade bread from the Mennonite lady at the market...i don't know what she puts in there, but we love it
-being outside for more then 5 minutes and not instantly sweating- it was almost pleasant out
-a quick trip to the fountains to round out the day
-an evening with not much to do but hang out with my man
-success in finally capturing a family picture that i don't hate


Amber said...

Lovin my bouquet, too! The fam pic is cute. Success!

Allison said...

Next big thing, huh? Can't wait to find out what that is....

Marisa said...

Yay for the farmer's market. Gotta get there soon.

Apryl said...

Kate--Thanks for stopping by my blog and THANK you for the help with the blankets!! I'm actually from Dayton (small world) and my mom is going with me to Ethiopia, so getting the blankets to one of us should be a piece 'o cake :) We'd like to get them early October to make sure we have them packed right before we leave. Btw, love to see you at the AW reunion in Columbus in a few weeks (gotta throw in a plug for that while I'm here). Thanks again, pls email me with any blanket questions! momof2es at