Thursday, June 28, 2007

And we're off!

This week has been a whirlwind. Somewhere in the crazy part of my brain I decided that it was a great idea to shift and rearrange furniture in a major thoroughfare of my house as well as rent a carpet cleaning machine and shampoo all my upholstered furniture and every area of carpet in the house while simultaneously packing, planning and procuring groceries for vacation and let's also squeeze in a night of painting at church and another night of shopping for the conference room.

And then I collapsed on the couch exhausted.

That's where I am at right now. I've got that nagging feeling that I am forgetting VERY important things that we MUST have on vacation. I've got lists out the wazoo and they are making me nutty! I keep reminding myself that we have a Stuffmart a short drive from where we are staying that will certainly be well stocked with any and all items that may be left behind. I'm pretty sure we'll make it.

I am just ready to be there already. With my nice tall stack of books by my side. Sitting out on the deck overlooking the lake with a lovely breeze blowing, a nice cool drink by my side, lost in one of the books I can't wait to read. Can you feel it??!!

No cell phone and no internet for the next 7 days. That kind of freaks me out, but I think it will be a good break. Taking time to just be. To be... alone... with my best friend...with my sweet girl...with my family...and with the One who I long to be with the most.

It's gonna be a great week.

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