Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Life with Haven is full of transitions. The last few weeks have found us putting away baby toys and moving up to a bigger shoe size. She is eating tons of new foods (she loves spaghetti squash!) and is almost done with the bottle. She exerts her will in amazing and terrifying ways each day. She has started to string words together in primitive sentences. "My-papa-go-bye-bye." My baby is growing up.

And the biggest transition... moving from two naps to one. Oh, how I have resisted! I am still not all that big of a fan. I have been in a good rhythm with the two nap scenario. Haven was not a big routine person for a large part of her life. In fact, she still isn't in many ways, which I like. I prefer to call it flexible. So when she started to nap like clockwork at 10am and 3pm it was fabulous. I had a system, a plan, a way to fully utilize my *free* time. (Free to clean without a toddler chasing you down. Free to shower without someone opening the shower curtain every 20 seconds. Free to fold laundry without it being picked up and thrown around the room. You get my drift?!)

One nap at 1pm-ish is a whole new ball game for me. I admit that the biggest part of the struggle is in my selfishness. I hold tightly onto "my" time and am not all that thrilled about rearranging my schedule. As I write this I realize again how skewed my thinking can become. My sinful, selfish nature at it's finest.

But I am confident that we will overcome (by we I mean, me and Jesus and really, mostly Him) this bump along the way. We will come to a point where this newness will become normal. Where I don't hold so tightly onto things that don't really belong to me anyways. Where I will be thankful for every second I get to spend with my sweet daughter. Where there is, hopefully, a lot less of me and a lot more of Him.

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