Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Almost back to life

Monday night was supposed to be date night. And when I think about it, it was just the two of us. Haven was safely situated at Amber's house for the evening. The only problem was the atmosphere and the fact that Cale was wearing a hospital gown and looked like he had been run over by a truck. No delicious meal in front of us, but Cale hooked up to an IV bag and me gingerly sipping on some Sprite and eating some pretzels praying that I would not puke.

It's been a long few days at our house as we battled against a stomach virus. Unfortunately, it won. At least for a few days. But I truly praise the Lord that we are all up on our feet again (maybe a bit unsteadily) going about our daily lives. We did have a good Thanksgiving with our family, but our trip came to an abrupt end when we got sick. And now I have a neglected house, piles of laundry, Christmas decorations to put up and a daughter to potty train. After being sick in bed, you have no idea how wonderful the mundane tasks of my day sound.

I'm off to work!

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