Thursday, November 1, 2007

More than you ever wanted to know about me....or my 100th post!

In following the great bloggy tradition, I will bore you with 100 things about me in honor of my 100th post.

1. I can't wait to meet the child God has for us in Ethiopia.
2. I love being a wife and a mom.
3. It's all I ever really wanted to be.
4. I am not an ambitious person- especially as it relates to a career.
5. I went to three different colleges.
6. Four if you count my Discipleship Training School credits.
7. But I only have one degree that took me five years to complete.
8. One college was Catholic, one was Wesleyan Methodist and one was Assemblies of God.
9. I am a denominational hodgepodge.
10. I grew up a pastor's kid in the United Methodist Church.
11. I have two older brothers, two sister-in-laws, two nieces and three nephews.
12. I was born in the city that I now live in.
13. I have only lived in two states my whole life.
14. Except for the nine months I lived in Benin, West Africa and in Namibia.
15. As already mentioned, I am a YWAMer and proud of it.
16. My DTS on the Mercy Ships was the most incredible life changing experience.
17. But I didn't really like living in Africa.
18. My first mission trip was to Puerto Rico in March 1998.
19. It changed the course of my life.
20. I hope I have more trips in my future.
21. Cale and I went to Namibia together in the fall of 2004.
22. We literally spent 4 months together 24/7.
23. And we loved it.
24. My favorite number is 22.
25. My favorite color is red.
26. I am a great cook.
27. And I love to cook, too.
28. I make some fantastic Chicken Tikka Masala.
29. I like to bake, too, but am not as patient as is sometimes needed.
30. I am not a perfectionist.
31. I like to take walks on the bike trail behind our house.
32. I get excited about finding a good deal.
33. I also get excited when a friend I've been discipling starts to disciple someone else.
34. One of my favorite books is "Two-Part Invention" by Madeleine L'Engle.
35. My other favorite book is "Knowledge of the Holy" by A.W. Tozer.
36. That book radically expanded my understanding of God and His greatness.
37. I am currently under investigation by a state government office.
38. This makes me angry.
39. I am getting new windows in my house.
40. This makes me happy
41. and also pooorer.
42. I went to a Billy Graham Crusade when I was 14.
43. It was an experience that I will never forget.
44. I have had malaria twice.
45. The second time almost killed me.
46. I have broken and sprained my ankles more times than I can count.
47. I have had surgery on my right ankle two times.
48. After the second time, I fell down the steps and broke my other ankle.
49. I spent six weeks of my junior year in a wheelchair with two casts on.
50. My favorite shows on tv are all on NBC- the Office, ER and Friday Night Lights.
51. The only reality tv show I like to watch is The Amazing Race.
52. I never thought I would ever make it to 1oo posts.
53. The first blog I started reading regularly was In the Midst of It.
54. My favorite season is fall and that's why I got married then.
55. Cale and I went here, here and here for our honeymoon. Fantastic!
56. We spent our first Valentine's Day married driving up Highway 1 on the California Coast.
57. I have been a bridesmaid in seven weddings.
58. And I've got the dresses in my closet to prove it.
59. I heart Target.
60. Although it does occasionally cause me to stumble and want things that I don't need.
61. I love those little orange stickers.
62. I just got new glasses and I really like them.
63. My husband thinks I'm wonderful.
64. Sometimes I agree with him.
65. I like to get Christmas shopping done early.
66. I am one of the crazy people who likes to shop the day after Thanksgiving, even if I don't have much to buy.
67. I delivered Haven naturally using the husband-coached childbirth method.
68. It was an amazing experience for both Cale and me that I wouldn't trade for anything.
69. I had the best nurses and doctor taking care of me.
70. The only doctor I like going to is the chiropractor, especially if it includes a stop with the massage therapist.
71. I once met Bill Cosby in a small airport near my house.
72. I saw Nelson Mandela's prison cell on Robben Isalnd.
73. A sobering day seeing first hand the evilness of men.
74. My head is starting to hurt from thinking about myself so long.
75. I used to sing in a quartet when I was in middle school with some girls at church.
76. I really can't sing that well.
77. I have arthritis in one joint of my second toe. Weird, but true.
78. I broke my left ankle in the fourth grade roller skating.
79. I was then named the Reckless Roller by the cute boy in my class.
80. Cale liked me before I liked him.
81. We used to go to concerts together all the time.
82. One of the best was Appleseed Cast and The Get-up Kids.
83. One of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland is a fantastic Thai place called Lemongrass.
84. I am not a city girl, but sometimes I miss living in Cleveland Heights.
85. I did a lot of growing up the three years I lived there.
86. I have nannied for five different families.
87. I was the personal assistant for David Copperfield's tour manager for about a year.
88. It was a fun, random job that paid really well.
89. Cale and I have completely remodeled our house.
90. We started that the day after we found out we were pregnant.
91. I took the test twice because I didn't believe it.
92. I didn't have a very fun pregnancy.
93. I developed asthma in my 6th month of pregnancy.
94. I craved chips and salsa all the time when I was pregnant.
95. I love the snow and winter.
96. I learned how to drive in the snow.
97. My favorite beverage is water, but I do enjoy some fountain Coke on occasion.
98. I love eggplant in all its various forms.
99. Pizza is my perfect food.
100. I'm glad to be done with this ridiculously long list!!

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Amber said...

wow, i can't believe you are at 100! you are way better at posting than me, i think i'm on like 50. thanks again for watching the kiddos tonight, they had fun (gibson hasn't stopped talking about everything he did!)