Saturday, April 5, 2008

My weekend love affair

We have spent the last few days in Far-Away, PA at my mom’s house. My husband, Super Son-in-law, has spent the last two days laying a new floor in my mom’s kitchen and dining room. He’s worked hard and finally finished it up last night. Considering that he worked all day yesterday under the delusion of fever, chills, congestion and general sickness, I think he deserves some sort of award. But that’s just me.

So Cale’s been busy and not really good company and Haven has been either occupied with her Nana or sleeping so I’m found solace in HGTV and I’ve learned a few thing about myself in the process. One I already knew, but it was good to be reminded: it is a good thing we do not have cable because I would waste way too much time watching tv.

There is many a great show on HGTV, but “House Hunters” has been my poison the last few days. It is like a drug to me. Once I start watching an episode I have to see how it all turns out. Will they choose the Up-dated Ranch? Or will it be the 2-story colonial? Maybe the Fenced-in Fixer-upper? I just HAVE to know! All of this leads me to the second thing I learned about myself: I have voyeuristic tendencies I think. I’m certainly not alone in this, otherwise there wouldn’t be a bazillion shows about people’s homes and lives on cable tv. But it has been a bit disturbing to see how easily I can get sucked in to someone else’s life and the choices they are making. There is something fascinating about the way people live their lives and the place that others call home.

After watching several episodes the last few nights it has left me with a few questions. First of all, who are these people that are my age (late twenties) and have like $900,000 to spend on a house?! Obviously we are in the wrong line of work. Secondly, do these people want to be my friend? I’m available. Thirdly, is everybody as picky as the people they get for this show? It is stunning to me what people choose to be dissatisfied with.

(Oh, there’s only 4 bathrooms, not five and we really wanted every bedroom to have a private bath. Oh there is only 4500 square feet? We were looking for something a little larger so we could really spread out. Oh, I don’t really like the color of the grout of the fireplace. And on and on…)

Cale’s done with the floor now and I’m afraid I might need to be sociable once again. But it was good to spend some time with you Mr. Cable TV. See you next time!

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