Monday, April 28, 2008

On the road

We left home Saturday morning and made our way to my brother's house in Nashville. Our final destination was Atlanta and we arrived here a few hours ago and are settling into our new home for the next few days. Haven didn't quite get the concept of Atlanta being a city so for the last few days she's been declaring she wants "to go to A-lana's house. Use A-lana's potty." When we first came into our hotel suite she was going potty and wondered to me, "When's A-lana coming here?" I think she's going to be looking for A-lana all week long and is going to be majorly disappointed!

We had a nice weekend with our family and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather, Nashville style. Haven loved running around with her cousins and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to just let her play with them and not feel like I have to be watching her every second. My girl is growing up. One great thing she picked up from her big cousins this weekend is exclaiming, "Awesome!" She does use it in proper context (although I heard her shout "Awesome" at a cemetery when she saw all the flowers lined up in a row as we passed it.) It's generally used when she sees a playground or a slide that she's interested in trying out. And while we're on the topic of funny things she says, I've got another one for you. Whenever Haven wants to go outside she says, "Let's go nice side out! Nice side out!" I think it's adorable and get mad when Cale tries to correct her.

We took Haven to the park before dinner to burn off a little energy. She loved it! And this was with her running a fever! Doesn't she look sick?

We've got bellies full of barbecue and are ready to crash for the night. Here's to hoping that Haven and I don't drive each other crazy in the hotel this week!

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jenny said...

Oh, Kate, I am praying that Haven doesn't get too sick with the fever thing. I am assuming she got it from my kids and I feel terrible about that. All three of our kids went into ear infections with it, so be on the look out for that. It is a nasty sickness, I am praying that she doesn't get it as badly. Have a good trips.