Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The weekend and beyond

We spent this past weekend in Cleveland visiting my friend, Jess, and her husband. We were in need of an easy, stress-free weekend away and hanging out with good friends and eating at all of our favorite Cleveland spots seems like the perfect fit. We had no real agenda; we just wanted to relax and we seemed to hit a good balance of hanging out and being on the go. (Although most of our going involved a restaurant!)

Saturday morning we took Haven to this wonderful park at the Jewish Community Center called Preston's Hope. I have never seen anything quite like it. It was built last year and is a $3 million dollar playground that is completely handicap accessible. Haven didn't stop running from the minute we got there; she could hardly take it all in. It was a beautiful day to be outside and we all enjoyed ourselves. We headed to lunch at one of our old favorites, Aladdin's and it did not disappoint. After lunch we went back to the house. Haven took a nap and Cale and I went on a little drive. We rode out to the spot where we got engaged (six years ago last week!) and went on a little trip down memory lane. Spending some time reflecting on all the Lord has done in our lives in the last several years was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Our Saturday night didn't look all that different then it would have if we had been home. Dinner was at Dewey's Pizza which Jess and Curtis had been raving about for a year. It was fantastic and you can't imagine how delighted I was to discover that there are Dewey's locations here in Dayton. (There is one down by UD and another set to open on Far Hills in Kettering.) We all stuffed ourselves and then decided a trip to Target would be a great way to end the day. We hit the video store en route to home and then all curled up on the couch to watch a movie.

Sunday morning we awoke to overcast skies and tried to make a plan for the day. We swung by my brother's house and saw our niece and nephews for a little bit and then met Curtis, Jess and her dad for lunch before we hit the road. (If it seems like all we did was go from one restaurant to the next your assessment would be correct.) We hit the road and Haven quickly fell asleep so Cale and I had plenty of time to discuss our plan of attack before we got home. We had a busy Monday ahead of us so plans needed to be made.

My good friend, J, being a good friend, offered to take Haven for a day so I could get some projects done around the house that are difficult to accomplish with a 2 year old underfoot. Yesterday was the day and I took full advantage of it. I even roped Cale into my plans and we tackled cleaning and sealing the deck. Since the deck had to be dry after cleaning before sealing it we had to get it done Sunday night. We began this project at 8pm. Needless to say, it was quickly impossible to see and reinforcements were called in. We borrowed our neighbors flood lights and finished up about 9:45pm. Not our brightest moment, but we got it done.

So yesterday I hit the ground running and managed to get both our bathrooms scrubbed from top to bottom and everything in between as well. Cale came home and we sealed the deck (which was kind of anticlimactic after scrubbing it the night before.) I spray painted an old wagon we'd been given for Haven. She's the only girl I know with a sassy apple green wagon! I also painted a stool we bought a few weeks ago to match our bathroom. Cale spent the rest of the afternoon and evening cleaning out the gutters and fixing a major problem with one of them. I cooked some meals for friends, delivered them, fed my family (drive-thru), showered, went to Bible study, hung out with the girls afterwards and came home exhausted. It was a long day, but I can't tell you how accomplished I felt.

A great weekend followed by a very productive day. But now I've got some more projects to do; any takers for Haven??!!

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