Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who knew?

Yesterday I seemed to hit some sort of trifecta: shopping, spending time with friends and a few hours with our current 24 (the TV show) obsession. It was wonderful! In the morning I decided Haven and I needed to get out of the house for a bit so we went on a hunt for jeans.

(Am I the only one who can find clothes when I don't really need anything (or don't have the cash), but when I am looking for something specific there is nothing that works?)

Anyways, given my long difficult jean history, I didn't think yesterday would be any different. Too short, too long, too small...but oh, that was not the case! I walked into the store and walked over to a rack of jeans . The first pair I saw were exactly like a pair I needed to replace- the same size and even LONGS! I'm 5'10" so regulars always end up being just a bit too short and longs can be too long. I'm in the land of in-between, but would rather go long than look like I'm wearing flood pants. And the best part...they were $9.99!!! Oh the joy! The happiness continued as I found a super cute top for $7.99 that will be perfect for spring. It was just a good shopping trip. In fact I was so buoyed by my great finds that I went to Target and walked out with ONLY the things on my list. Usually spending $30 on toilet paper, vitamins and paper towels would be kind of a downer, but I was so happy with my earlier finds that I left the store without even doing my regular clearance rack rounds.

I spent the afternoon with a friend and her 7 week old baby boy. Haven loved that little baby and was sad when it was time for her nap. But the joy continued even with her nap because she took a nice long one which was a relief after several days of short naps when she was sick. It was a nice afternoon of new mommy talk and getting to share with her about our adoption.

Cale came home with the mail and there was a red envelope that dictated our evening plans. We were slow to jump on the "24" bandwagon, but once we did, it was over. We started season 1 when Haven was a newborn and in the last 2 years have watched all the seasons in obsessive fashion. "Just one more episode..." We spent last night with disc 3 of season 6 and watched them all. (Well, I might have fallen asleep once or twice...)

I never knew that Tuesdays could be so happy!

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Jess said...

i like hearing about happy kate days just as much as you like to hear about my migraine-free ones.