Friday, June 6, 2008

The best laid plans

Today just hasn't worked out according to my plans. Cale and I had to go to Cincinnati to the US Citizen and Immigration Services Office to get fingerprinted. Our appointment was at 11am so I conspired with Amber to make it a day date for Cale and I. I thought that we would be able to go to our appointment and then have a nice lunch, stop at Ikea maybe; just enjoy a few hours alone.

Well, enter Haven. She got her first ever stomach bug Wednesday night. (And yes, I do thank Jesus that she is 2 years 4 months and this is her first stomach bug!) She was running a high fever into last night and so I didn't think it would be very nice to take our sick-o germs to Amber's house. So there went our date. And honestly I wasn't really upset about that. I just wasn't looking forward to going to Cincinnati with a sick kid. She actually did quite well and our appointment was SO fast. We were in and out, including parking and a potty break, in 30 minutes. We decided to keep our original lunch plans and I'm so glad we did. The smoked chicken sandwich from Montgomery Inn is my favorite. We enjoyed a relatively peaceful lunch overlooking the muddy river. We decided to push our luck and managed to have an uneventful trip to Ikea, too. We made a few more stops and then pulled into home. Even though it wasn't what we had planned, it was still a nice day together.

Right after we got home Cale decided to walk down and get the mail. Haven loves to go with him so she was out the door the minute he mentioned going. He was just shutting the door when Haven tripped on the edge of her sandal and fell down the 4 steps of our deck. These are big, pretty steep steps and she kind of somersaulted down them. Unfortunately her face hit first, namely her mouth. My poor girl has a humongous fat lip, a black-and-blue knee and a few miscellaneous scratches. We spent the next hour trying to get it to stop bleeding while deciding if a trip to the ER or Urgent Care was necessarily. After calls to our pediatrician, a doctor friend, and of course my mom, we decided to just wait it out. Our pediatrician was concerned that there could be head trauma and wanted us to go to the hospital right away. Our friend talked us down a bit and told me that if this had happened to her daughter (who is only a few weeks older then Haven), she would just watch her and wait it out. My mom told me to go with my gut.

So we stayed home. We got her to eat a little bit of soft bread and a banana for dinner and are going to relax with a movie on the couch tonight. It's been one of those days that just feels like it's been happening for too long. It's 7pm- is that too early for me to go to bed?

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