Sunday, June 29, 2008

The sky is falling... wait, that's just my bathroom ceiling! We discovered a crack in the downstairs bathroom ceiling on Friday morning. It became much worse, very quickly. Granted, Cale aided the downward progression by cutting holes in the ceiling trying to assess the damage. We have known for a few weeks that the upstairs bathroom toilet was leaking, but obviously had no idea how bad it was or we might have moved a little quicker on fixing it.

This is what it looked like at 11pm last night.

I told Cale we were going to wake up to it having caved in.

And I was right!


We actually heard it fall around 2:30am. Cale and I had been awakened by the storm and so we trekked downstairs to use the bathroom. We had just settled back in bed when we heard the crash. It initially sounded like thunder, but then we realized it was coming from beneath us. Curiosity got the best of Cale and he came to survey the damage. He said it wasn't as bad as it could have been, so I went back to sleep. Cale wasn't so fortunate and he tossed and turned for quite a while. We found out yesterday that our home owner's insurance isn't going to give us a dime for this so we have some major expenses in our future!

So our current situation is that we have a large hole in our bathroom upstairs where the toilet used to go. Cale ripped it all up and all the nasty, moldy flooring yesterday. Downstairs we have a huge hole in the ceiling, with more coming down as we speak. We've got a working toilet downstairs and a working shower upstairs. At least we have one of each. Given the current state of our home Cale pointed out that it is a wonderful thing that our home study visits are over. Praise the Lord for that!

Between our falling apart house and Haven being sick we've had a very eventful weekend. And unfortunately, there is no end in immediate site!


Marisa said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear about your bathroom dilemma! I'm sure it's very frustrating... hope the fix goes easier than expected!

Alan and Julie said...

no kidding...what a bummer:(